Building a place-based understanding of social-ecological dynamics & landscape change

The ENVISION project team in the Denali region is working with community partners and residents to develop an understanding of collective visions for the future of protected areas in Interior Alaska. Although there is a strong sense of social cohesion within individual communities, decision-making rarely engages communities across a regional scale. This research explores various community perspectives on landscape change through participatory processes, including one- on-one discussions, focus groups, surveys, and learning forums.

In particular, the Denali case study is facilitating discussions with residents to support deliberation on topics related to public land management. This case study thus aims to build knowledge of how residents can learn from and adapt with one another in response to landscape change, as well as identify the most effective pathways for rural communities to preserve the desired character of places. To do so, the following areas have been prioritized to build an inclusive conservation approach through social learning:

  1. Building Local Partnerships
  2. Understanding residents’ connections to place
  3. Modeling visions for the future
  4. Measuring multi-level value shifts in response to community deliberation

Clink this link to visit the ENVISION site and read the Fact Sheet on Social Learning in Denali!

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